15th Sha’ban

‘After Maghrib today it will be 15th of Shaban. On this great night your book will end and the new book will start. In the face all challenges that today mankind is facing, this night is given as a mercy from Allah. Being sincere and asking forgiveness and to change the whole world into better and take every kind of illness and disease away, He has given mankind this this night and then a day. When hearts and souls are crying for a solution here is one that is so great so merciful and one should follow and act upon the teaching of the Quran and holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ). A Night to do extra prayers, make du’a and fast the next day. O Allah, grant us a part of Your fear, that acts as a barrier between us and Your disobedience; Your obedience, that helps us achieve Your pleasure and the certainty that makes the miseries of the world seem insignificant. O Allah, make us enjoy our hearing, our sight, our strength as long as You Keep us alive. Make us take rise against those who oppress us, and help us against those who show animosity to us. Place not our miseries in our religion, and let not this world be our biggest concern, nor the extent of our knowledge. Ameen’ Shaykh Tahir


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