15th May 2020

‘Death is inevitable. The old and the young; the wealthy and the poor; the faithful and the disbeliever. How do you greet death? Do you cower from it, lamenting of all that might have been? Or do you rise to meet it, readily embracing nearness with your Lord?Do not linger on the material. These bodies are but vessels, this world is a temporary abode. When you depart, the only possessions you carry are your deeds. When those you cherish depart, salute them as they leave us, with the knowledge that the sufferings of this world will touch them no more. Remember them as they rest in their graves, awaiting reunion with our Lord. Remember them with a smile, and wipe away your tears. To Him we belong and to Him we shall return. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir


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