8th May 2020

‘We are all born with a “knowing pain in the soul,” which makes us seek elation. That need for happiness leads us in pursuit of worldly desires. But those are just diversions from the Greatest Giver of Joy.  Happiness, true happiness, will become possible with the realisation that our hearts were once perfect, but now hold a cavity that the pleasures of this world cannot fill. That ache, the pain that burdens our souls, will only be healed when we move closer to our Lord. It is He who our souls yearn for.  When you are in spiritual solidarity with your Lord, and distance yourself from the worldly, then do you come to know and heal your soul. Then do you embrace Him. His light nurtures us. It draws us forth from the darkness we inhabit without Him. With His guidance, we rise and greet the dawn. With His guidance, we find peace. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir


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