18th September 2020

‘Listen to your heart that whispers sweetly to you and ignore the tantrums of your ego. Glory be to Allah Who is the praiseworthy; the affectionate owner of everything, the One who forms everyone before they are born, the One Who spreads out the Earth and firms the mountains. The One Who facilitates the attainment of your goals; Who knows the secrets of your heart and realizes them when it is good for you but rejects them when it is not. He knows and you do not. He is the Source of everything. His forgiveness covers all; when the raindrops of mercy fall they fall on everyone and everything, though some may feel quenched and others may shiver. He knows and you do not. You must oppose the screeching of the ego with its vain desires and hankering for temporary satisfactions. The remedy for an overbearing ego is in acceptance of divine decree and praying for your enemies; for through this you shatter the veils of jealousy, hatred and superiority and the ego will begin to wither. Seek Him in your quiet time, remember Him in the mundane and the extraordinary and you will discover your own radiance. Juma Mubaraka’ Shaykh Tahir


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