25th September 2020

Do not drive away the blessings of your Lord through thanklessness. Your Lord is so near, closer to you than your jugular vein, but do not attempt to seek Him with the physical eye or intellectual grappling; He is far beyond this. His blessing reaches those who get to know Him. 

He knows your affairs and they are attached to the destiny decreed by Allah. Be careful of your plans in this world.  Even your best plans may lead you to destruction. Remember; He knows your affairs. Do not seek the riches of this world by searching in the dirt.  Turn to your Lord, know Him, have confidence in His decree. Give to the people. Give with knowledge that your hand is just an instrument of the mercy of Allah: you are not generous. He is generous. You do not deserve thanks. You should be grateful to Him for the abundance you have been granted which allows you to share. Keep your giving a secret between you and your Lord. Secrets are a token of trust between lovers. Trust Him and both the riches of this world and the next will be yours. Juma Mubaraka’ Shaykh Tahir


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