2nd October 2020

‘He responds to the call of those who call on Him; He sustains His servant and surrounds him with His love; His subtle details are hidden from our comprehension; His power is mighty; His mercy is wide; His penalty is painful.  Seek the Garden of Paradise; the very completion of all satisfactions and avoid the punishment of Hell filled with horrors and chains. The luxuries of life are yours to claim.  If their allure is so strong upon you that you do not see their true nature, then your spiritual window is shut. That desert oasis is but a mirage. What you covet, the fulfilment that you believe the material brings, has a single true source. Why settle for a single drop when one may bathe in an ocean of contentment? Let open your windows and that which you have made yourself blind to and step towards Him; He will run to you. Juma mubaraka’ Shaykh Tahir


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