16th October 2020

‘No chains shackle us to any particular route; we have complete freedom to make our decisions. Even eating, sleeping and seeking shelter are a choice, but our awareness of the physical imperative makes us view these as a need rather than a choice. We have allowed our spirituality to diminish through generations of neglect. What if we were as aware of our spiritual nature as we have become of our physical? If only we acknowledged the longing of the soul, we would consider the guidance from Allah through the messengers as equally imperative.  We would feel hungry for prayer and look forward to every ‘meal’. It is your choice. Allah does not force you. If He had wanted, He could have guided every heart. But freedom is it’s own virtue. It is His omniscience that gives rise to His commands. He knows and you do not.  If you knew the spiritual benefits of prayer you would pray. Just as you drink because you recognise the physical benefits of water.  If we follow His guidance; that is what is best for us. He knows and you do not. Who do we follow when we say that we do not follow the guidance of Allah? Do you think that makes you free? Don’t be fooled; you are following a boiling pot of human interpretation, some good some less so.  It is fallible and it cannot compare. Why light a candle when the sun is shining? Wise are those who follow the Most Wise. Juma Mubaraka.’ Shaykh Tahir


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