30th October 2020

‘In whispered prayers and soft smiles is the remembrance of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. He was a paragon of mercy. His justice, humility, piety and kindness caressed all those who met him and continues to nourish those who love and remember him today. We have been sent messengers as a mercy, to guide us where we may fall astray. Those who seek to support the insult or ridicule of these beacons of faith are misguided. Though blind in one eye, they are crisp in their words and regale freedom of speech at the expense of common decency and respect for Prophet Muhammad, who is loved more than our own families and all the things we hold dear. This month brings the fragrance of Paradise, sweetening the iman and giving rise to tears of happiness as we remember the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. His heart brimmed with a love for us that escapes our fathoming. Day and night, the Prophet prayed for the whole of humanity, long past and yet to come. It is with their guidance that we are able to widen the constricted passages of our hearts.  What stands in our way but the clouds of worldliness? Allow Allah to clear your sky, so that we may rise amongst His blessed messenger. Juma Mubaraka’ Shaykh Tahir


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