13th November 2020

‘The greatest quality of the living is our likeness to a body of water. When the surface calms and the ripples fade to leave a perfect, still mirror, that is indeed beauty. The clearness of the water- the revelation of our divine natures- reflects the mastery in the Lord’s creation. To quieten our inner lakes, to deflect the droplets threatening to disturb them, one must erect barriers around their heart to dispel the tempting call of sin. The eyes of the modern believer are led towards petty distractions in sin and away from the guiding jewel of the Earth, the Qur’an. Contentment sought in worldly sin fails to fill the space in one’s heart that seems to yearn without fulfilment. That void has one true cure: love. Not for the worldly and the misleading, but true love for your Lord and those He has blessed. Once that love surpasses all else within one’s soul, then will the waters be a mirror of divinity. Juma Mubaraka’ shaykh Tahir


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