20th November 2020

‘Without a flame the candle provides no light. The truth of the candle is discovered when the flame glows. Likewise, the soul is the truth of the body.  Just as we protect the flame of the candle from wind and rain, so we must protect the soul from the winds of temptation and the waters of disbelief. The storm which brings such torrents is an arrogance which creates walls against the Truth. Humility is the oxygen on which the flame of your soul can feed, without humility you cannot see what is front of you. In this way do the ignorant bring their souls to a point of useless devastation. Perfection, however, stands against human nature. Innate curiosity and misdemeanours define the human being. And so do our flames flicker; the purity of our soul wanes. It is for this reason that our Lord extends His hand in to this world showering us with blessings we sometimes don’t even see. He is the means through which we may attain a soul at peace, able to glance over the hurdles of the world. If only we allow it, the Lord of the Worlds will bring stillness, constancy and light to our flame.  Juma Mubaraka’ Shaykh Tahir


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