27th November 2020

‘Allah is He, Who sends out rain to nourish the earth and who facilitates the attainment of goals. It is He who knows the secrets of your heart and realizes them; who annihilates possessions at will; whose presence is boundless. It is He who is the beginning with no end. By his leave are the clouds perfected in their fall of rain. By his leave does the desert storm blow and the gentle breeze pass through the branches of the blossom tree. The Lord’s splendour is in every cell, every grain. Who should deny gratitude to the most praiseworthy?- deny love to the benevolent?- deny submission to the omnipotent? There is no limit to the capacity of your Lord’s mercy. No sin too great. In life, our souls must find contentment in Him, as they will so do in the hereafter. Juma Mubaraka.’ Shaykh Tahir


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