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Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani

The venerable Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani رحمه الله is the Qutb al-Arifeen, an esteemed Faqih of the Shafi’ and Hanbali schools of Sacred Law and a Murshid of this Noble Spiritual Path and the eponymous founder of one of the oldest Tariqas. His father was Sayyid Abdullah Al-Zahid رحمه اللهfrom the lineage of Sayyidina Hassan. His mother was Sayyida Fatimah bint Abdullah رحمههها الله from the lineage of Sayyidina Husayn. Thus Shaykh Abdul Qadir رحمه اللهdescended from both blessed and beloved grandsons رضى الله عنهمof Rasulullah .ﷺ
He was born in Jilan, present day Iran in the blessed month of Ramadan 470AH (1077-78CE). At eighteen, he departed to Baghdad to learn the sciences of the religion from the greatest teachers of the day. He took this path from his mentor and guide, Imam Abu Sa’id al-Mubarak Makhzoomi رحمه الله who was the greatest man of knowledge at that time. His teacher bequeath his school to his beloved prodigy Shaykh Abdul Qadir. The Shaykh رحمه الله was over 50 years old by the time he began teaching. In that time, he had spent over 30 years seeking knowledge and perfecting himself.
When Shaykh Abdul Qadir started, his students number 70 000, and rapidly grew from there. There are many stories about our founder; of his nobility and gentleness, the many miracles he manifested, and the people that he guided to Allah The Most High . ﷻ

Shaykh Tahir Shahabudin

Our beloved Murshid, As-Sayyid As-Shaykh Tahir Shahabudin is the direct descendant of Shaykh Abdul Qadir and thus also of our Beloved, our Master Muhammad ibn Abdullah ﷺ. He is Shaykh ul-Kaabir of this Noble Tariqa, being bestowed this honour at only the age of 11 years old. Like his forefathers before him, he calls people to Islam, guides them to Allah, Great and Glorious is He ﷻ, and seeks to reform and perfect his students in both mind and soul.

The Qadriyyah Silsilah

The only source of Guidance (Al Huda) is Allah ﷻ, who Has sent the Noble Messenger Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺwith His Words: The Grand Quran. From which spring forth the great branches of this Deen. Within the realm of Sacred Law; Fiqh there are four Schools. And of Theology, there are two Strands. And in Hadith Literature, the Canonical Collections have continued to cast Light into the hearts of the Muslims up to this day. Just as there are Isnads (links of transmission stretching all the way to the Prophet ﷺ) within the Sciences of Quranic Qira’at (the various ways of reciting the Quran) and Ahadith, so it is with this Noble Path. Each Shaykh is a link in a continuous unbroken chain. This unbroken chain is the hand grasped upon another hand; in technical nomenclature is called the Al Qabda. This Silsilah reaches all the way to the Holy Prophet ﷺhimself.

The Spiritual Path

The path, the Tariqa Al Qadriyyah is the pure path to Allah. It consist of sincere adherence to the Quran and Sunnah. Acting upon the Shari’ah is the Tariqa. It is obligatory upon all the Mureeds to fulfill their religious duties, and chief among these are the five daily Salah. A slave of God approaches Him The Lord Most High ﷻwith nothing more than the obligatory rites of worship and gains intimacy with God with acts of Nawafil (non-obligatory acts of worship). And one of the most excellent ways of doing this is to engage in the Remembrance of God. Allah ﷻsays in the Quran:

‘Remember Me, I will remember you’ (2:152)

Our Shaykh, Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani said “Follow the Straight Path (Sirat Al-Mustakim). That is only possible in preserving and following the precepts of Religion. To do this, one has to be conscious, and remember Allah night and day, inwardly and outwardly, continuously.” Allah ﷻ speak of these people in the Blessed Book:

‘Those that remember Allah standing and sitting down and lying on their sides’ (3:191)

Taking to the Prophetic wont, a Mureed should also strive to perfect his character and beautify his interactions with his fellow man in accordance with the Beloved of God ﷺ. He said:

‘Verily, the most beloved to me and nearest to my gathering on the Day of Qiyamah are those of you with the best character.’

May Allah ﷻgrant us Guidance and Goodness in both Worlds, elevate us to the highest of Companions and bestow upon us His Good Pleasure. Ameen.

Our Silsilah; the rope that leads back to the Prophet صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم

1. Sayyidina Muhammad Al Mustafa ibn Abdullah صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم

2. Sayyidina Mawla Ali ibn Abi Talib رضي الله عنه

3. Imam Hasan Al Basri رضي الله عنه

4. Sayyidina Habib Al-Ajami رضي الله عنه

5. Imam Dawood Tai رضي الله عنه

6. Imam Maruf Karkhi رضي الله عنه

7. Sayyidina Sari Saqati رضي الله عنه

8. Imam Junayd Al-Baghdadi رضي الله عنه

9. Sayyidina Abu Bakr Shibli رضي الله عنه

10. Sayyidina Abdul Aziz bin Hars bin Asad Yemeni At-Tamimi رضي الله عنه

11. Sayyidina Abu Al Fazal Abdul Wahid Yemeni At-Tamimi رضي الله عنه

12. Al-Qutb Mohammad Yousaf Abu Al-Farah Tartusi رضي الله ع نه

13. As-Sayyid Abu al-Hasan Al-Hankari رضي الله عنه

14. Imam Abu Sa’id al-Mubarak Makhzoomi رضي الله عنه

15. Qutb al-Arifeen Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Jilani رضي الله عنه

16. Shaykh Abdul Razzaq Jilani رضي الله عن

17. Shaykh Abdul Jabbar Jilani رضي الله عنه

18. As-Sayyid Mohammad Sadiq Yahya رضي الله عنه

19.Imam Najm-ud-Din Burhan Puri رضي الله عنه

  1. As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Abdul Fattah Jilani رضي الله عنه

21. As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Abdul Sattar Jilani رضي الله عنه

22. As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Abdul Baqqa Jilani رضي الله عنه

23. As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Abdul Jaleel Jilani رضي الله عنه

24. As- Sayyid As-Shaykh Abdul Rahman Jilani Dehlvi رضي الله عنه

25. As- Sayyid Sultan al-Arifeen Sultan Bahu رضي الله عنه

26. As-Sayyid Sultan Wali Muhammad رحمه الله

27. As-Sayyid Sultan Muhammad Hussain رحمه الله

28. As-Sayyid Sultan Hafiz Muhammad رحمه الله

29. As-Sayyid Sultan al-Awliya Ghulaam Bahu رحمه الله

30. As-Sayyid Sultan Barkhurdaar رحمه الله

31. As-Sayyid Sultan Muhammad Baksh رحمه الله.

32. Al-Qutb Haji Sultan Allah Baksh رحمه الله

33. As-Sayyid As-Shaykh Sultan Muhammad Hassan رحمه الله

34. As-Sayyid As-Shaykh Sultan Fiaz ul-Hassan حفظه الله

35. Al-Qutb As-Sayyid As-Shaykh Tahir Shahabudin Al-Hashemi حفظه الله

36. As-Sufi As-Shaykh Dr Mohammed Abu Nuh Al-Qadriyyah حفظه الله

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