‘Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace’ Qur’an 13:28

What does a zikr involve? Previously, we have met at different locations each week around the West London area and we are open to invitations from anyone wishing to host a zikr. At the moment, due to covid we are operating zikrs via Zoom. Zikr, sometimes spelt dhikr means remembrance and it involves reciting names of Allah and verses of the Qur’an in a peaceful environment under the guidance of the Shaykh. The lights are switched off and we sit in two semi circles; the first has the men and the second has the women with the Shaykh in the middle. We then follow his lead in what to recite together with our eyes closed. When the zikr is finished food is brought and blessed and we eat together. The Shaykh is available for personal guidance and ruqiyyah (healing) afterwards if desired. You do not have to be Muslim to feel the spiritual benefit of zikr neither do you need to know all or any of the verses recited; you will find that you are swept up by general feeling and temperament of the zikr. You are very welcome.

Listen to a full zikr here

January 2020

Zikrs are held weekly by zoom. If you would like to attend to see what it’s all about please email contact@seerahtoday.org. The Zikr begins at 7pm sharp and lasts for an hour.

Shaykh Tahir also advises and supports Seerah Today, a charitable organisation set up to engage Muslims and non-Muslims in good action and better knowledge; celebrating the seerah of the Prophet pbuH in the context of today.

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