17th April 2020

‘May Allah grant all your wishes, bring a glow on your face, release you from hunger and save you from the difficulties of the grave!  We will speak up in your favour on the day of judgement.  But turn towards Allah throughout your life.  Ask yourself ‘which of the favours is it of your Lord that you deny?’Say ‘Oh Allah, be my only trust in every calamity; whenever my heart becomes weak and my actions feeble.  Put not that burden on me of which I have no strength to bear and put your mercy as a light and blessing in my life.  Give me the strength to face that day when we shall be before you.’  Do not submit to the anxiety and distress you feel as your Lord is always with you; closer to you than your jugular vein. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir


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