29th May 2020

‘Every contraction is naturally followed by an expansion; every time you feel your heart shrivel, be confident that it will blossom in turn.The state of emancipation toward which you are journeying can be described as your freedom from the fear of loss. It is understood that life flows to you from an unstinting source of grace that will never lessen its giving to you as long as you are open to receiving. The people and items that are so precious to you are embodiments of qualities, and these qualities are derived from this beneficent source. What you are so afraid of losing are qualities that you have invested in the particular forms you are attached to. You have confused these qualities with the forms you have discovered them in. Their beauty is like the beauty of sunlight that falls upon the land: a pleasant glow is cast, but the true source is distant.You can never isolate yourself completely; you are always connected to everything around you.When you walk patiently through this troubled world, you will find that the pleasures of the minor details are made abundantly more beautiful when you view them through the grand scheme of this world. Surrounding us are reminders of Allah’s Grace, Allah’s Majesty. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir


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